Guy who wants to lead the city running a high quality campaign…NOT!

That would be outgoing Franklin Alderman John Nelson. He so desperately wants to replace Mayor Steve Olson that he (and his supporters) will resort to stupidity.

How do you explain this strategy except to say it’s incredibly dumb. Posted on social media by a group headed by a documented Olson hater, the illustration calls Olson “Mayor McSpend.”

Brilliant. Wonder how long it took to come up with this beauty.

Nelson has referred to and forwarded the caricature online indicating he supports this sophomoric garbage.

Franklin is essentially a conservative community. All the folks coming out publicly for Nelson are lefties.

Nelson’s campaign treasurer is wacko lefty and outgoing alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm. A key advisor to Nelson is my friend, Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor who absolutely loves to play footsie with the liberals.

I would submit they’ll have to do a much better job at persuading voters but I think the foolishness will continue, much like the ridiculous portrayal of Olson as “Boss Hogg” months ago. Another masterpiece.

Maybe Nelson who is clueless needs to get one and take on some more effective and adult-like consultants.

One thought on “Guy who wants to lead the city running a high quality campaign…NOT!

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