Week-ends (01/21/23)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


Dr. Kwane Stewart

Jay Withey


Janet Protasiewicz

Teacher sex crimes

Schools acting in the name of equity


“Do I still think I can play? Of course. Can I play at a high level? Yeah. The highest. I think I can win MVP again in the right situation. Right situation, is that Green Bay or is that somewhere else? I’m not sure. But I don’t think you should shut down any opportunity. But like I said during the season, it’s got to be both sides actually wanting to work together moving forward.”
Packer QB Aaron Rodgers

“We’re fully cooperating, looking forward to getting this resolved quickly. I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there,” he added in a wishful-sounding way. I have no regrets. I’m following what the lawyers have told me they want me to do, it’s exactly what we’re doing, there’s no there, there.”
Joe Biden on the classified documents controversy

“T]his stuff showing up — and this is the other side of my brain, this is not a Republican thing all of a sudden. It’s almost like he’s (Biden) being set up by his own people. They waited until after the election. They waited until after the Democrats lost a majority for this stuff to start leaking out. They knew it was there back in early November. Why didn’t they do it then when they had full control? All three houses could say it’s no big deal, whitewash and let’s move on. They didn’t.”
Rep. Jerry Carl (R-AL)

“Biden is the most destructive president in American history. More things have broken under his watch than under any other president.

“Our country is being invaded. The world is on the brink of nuclear war. American cities have become slums. Our economy is in shambles. Even our airplanes no longer take off on time. It’s a disaster and Joe Biden and his staff have a hand in all of it. In a country with a functioning government, Joe Biden would have been impeached before the first million illegal aliens crossed over our southern border, but no one did anything to stop it. So now they’re arriving at the rate of a quarter-million a month.”
Tucker Carlson

My sister-in-law, a nurse on Cape Cod, wants to visit New York City and is struggling to find an affordable hotel. If she were a Venezuelan migrant who had just arrived in the Big Apple on a bus from the southern border, she’d have a shot at a room at the four-star Row hotel, steps from Times Square. Or a room at a SpringHill Suites by Marriott, a Holiday Inn Express or a Comfort Inn. Free of charge.

Welcome to Hotel America! Newly arriving migrants are also getting three meals a day courtesy of room service, snacks at any time, and at some of the hotels, computer facilities and playrooms for the kids. All courtesy of local taxpayers.

Hotel America must be replaced with commonsense, bare-bones accommodations. A roof over their heads. Anything more will lure migrants with crazy expectations and make the crisis worse.
Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths

“Biden finished 2022 and spent the first week of 2023 on offense. Now he’s on defense once more. He doesn’t like the feeling. But he better get used to it.”
Matthew Continetti

“The sooner the DOJ can clear President Biden of any criminal wrongdoing, the sooner they can focus on saving the Rule of Law and our Democracy by Indicting Trump. We’re way past that time.”
Filmmaker Rob Reiner

“In 2020, 39.2% of abortions were on Black women, who represent just 14% of the childbearing population. The data also shows that 86% of abortions are done on unmarried women, which points to the critical link between this destructive behavior and the collapse of marriage and family, the pillars of a healthy society. I believe that all the many problems that our nation faces begin with absence of awe for the miracle of life. The other side of the coin of the right to life is the responsibility to protect life and responsibility in the behavior that creates life. Reverence is the beginning of responsibility, and responsibility is the beginning point for what freedom is all about.”
Star Parker

“This week, the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee released a report calling on the city to pay every black resident $5 million and absolve all of their outstanding personal debt. … This is bad ethics, and it is bad social science. It’s bad ethics because the innocent should not be forced to pay people against whom they have not sinned, and because the connection between continued suffering and past discrimination must be measured and clarified rather than merely assumed. It’s bad social science because it ignores the role of individual decision-making in persistent intergenerational inequality, despite the massive intervention of state, local and federal government.”
Ben Shapiro

“Lots of environmental groups now want to ban plastic. That’s just silly. Plastic is useful. Using it often creates fewer emissions than its alternatives. Plastic bags create fewer than paper bags. A metal straw has to be used 150 times before it creates less pollution than a plastic straw. Environmental groups rarely mention that, or how they misled us about recycling year after year.”
John Stossel

“Anybody who tells you the Dems would never do something as petty and pointless as banning gas stoves has never drank out of a paper straw.”
Jimmy Failla


Teacher sex crimes


March for Life


Backlash against anti-abortion laws


Hong Kong pet rabbits enjoy bunny resort while owners away

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