Today’s highly interesting read (01/19/23): Facemasks Are Not a Mere “Inconvenience”

I was back at Ascension Hospital in Franklin this week for a simple follow-up with a pulmonary physician. Everything is just fine.

However, even though our dementia-riddled president contends the pandemic is over masks were everywhere at Ascension. Even though dozens of reliable studies have demonstrated masks don’t work,   masks were everywhere at the hospital. What a joke.

Today’s read is from Aaron Hertzberg, writing in The Brownstone Institute. Here’s an excerpt:

One of the most trenchant arguments made by proponents of forced masking is some variation of “it’s just an inconvenience”, so/and/or “why do you have to make such a big deal about it”.

The goal of this article is to enumerate some of the myriad harms and emotional abuses inflicted by forced masking, specifically those that are difficult to articulate or identify the connection to masking.

What is true is that the emotional distress and suffering of people is quite real. So even if you happen to be in favor of mask mandates and not at all bothered by mask wearing, that does not make the profoundly distressing experience of someone else any less real of an experience. 

The following list is not exhaustive, just a collection of some of the factors that make mask wearing, especially forced masking, so distressing to many people.

Read the entire column here.

3 thoughts on “Today’s highly interesting read (01/19/23): Facemasks Are Not a Mere “Inconvenience”

  1. Good lord man. Let it go! Enough with the “masks are abuses” claims. Masks help to slow the spread of germs. In a healthcare setting where people are most likely sick, they will help reduce spread of whatever someone is carrying. You just don’t like being told what to do by someone who has more knowledge than you. Set your ego aside.


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