Is technology killing school snow days?

A couple of weeks ago SE WI including Franklin where I live was supposed to get pummeled with snowmageddon according to our reliable forecasters. The predicted snowpocalypse never came.

Oh it was bit snowy, very windy and chilly. But as far as a blizzard was concerned, not so much. The doomsday prognostications sent school districts scurrying to send out the WE’RE CLOSED notices resulting in two different takes on the situation on Franklin social media.

1) Good call. It was nasty enough to warrant school cancellations. Besides, the schools plan for a certain amount of snow days, so why not? I was in this club.

2) What a bunch of wusses. Roads were manageable. Those kids could handle the conditions. We sure as hell did when were in school.

The way weather’s been going in my neck of the woods this winter this debate may not resurface again this season.

My wife Jennifer who used to blog often wrote in December 2020 that snow day policies might be melting away.

Now it’s 2023. And don’t banish snow days to the history books just yet.

Read more here.

One thought on “Is technology killing school snow days?

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