Franklin commission says NO to NO MOW MAY

When it meets Tuesday the Franklin Common Council may dump the idea of allowing lawns to go to hell during the month of May.

At their August 24, 2022 meeting, the Environmental Commission adopted a motion to recommend at this time that the Commission does not recommend moving forward with No Mow May. The 244-page packet Franklin Common Council members received for Tuesday’s meeting  states:

“Most Franklin neighborhoods emphasizes (sp) lawns as a key landscape feature. The Commission expressed concerns that shoddy-looking lawns could do more to damage the larger goal of encouraging native plantings than it would benefit the community.

“The Commission would recommend policies encouraging use of Wisconsin native plants as landscape plants alongside existing lawns, rather than leaving lawns unmowed or removing them.”

More background can be read here.

As for the future the Environmental Commission will make recommendations on landscaping for species diversity and preservation at a later date.

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