She’s running for Franklin School Board, but what is she talking about?

I see on the “We Hate Franklin” Facebook page that a Mary Yank is running for Franklin School Board.

Very revealing that she chose the hard left site to go public. I don’t see her announcement anywhere else. Why not on the right-wing site? Hmmm.

Yank writes, “My platform is Student Success, Respect for Families and Support for Teachers.”

Pretty generic stuff. Typical political platitudes.

And what exactly does it all mean?

If we had real serious media around here they might ask Yank some direct questions:

Define student success.

How should the district work to be more successful?

What kind of relationship should the board have with the administration? For example, who works for who?

Do you support CRT or any of the other dozens of labels for it?

What about masks for students and staff?

Does the school district spend enough or too much?

Should the high school graduation ceremony be held in Franklin or at American Family Field in Milwaukee?

I could be wrong, but I smell an administration puppet.

One thought on “She’s running for Franklin School Board, but what is she talking about?

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