Who’s running for mayor of Franklin?

The stage is now set for Franklin’s spring mayoral contest. Incumbent Mayor Steve Olson will face Franklin Alderman John Nelson who is giving up his Common Council seat to oppose Olson.

There had been speculation that Basil Ryan would also run, but he did not turn in nomination papers. With only two candidates there will be no costly February primary.

Part of me wanted to see Ryan AGAIN toss his hat into the ring. Arguably in a primary he and Olson could have won, preventing Nelson from advancing to the general election.

Now wouldn’t that have been a kick in the teeth!!!

4 thoughts on “Who’s running for mayor of Franklin?

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  3. John Nelson has no integrity. Ask his old Captain at the County sheriff’s office Capt. Mevered. Mev took him off the road because he could not make basic law enforcement decisions. The only reason he became a Sergeant in Waterford, is because he is buddies with the other moronic Sgt, and the even more incompetent Chief there. John Nelson is not only incompetent as a Police Officer (just ask his co-workers, past and present), but he also cheats on his wife. Ask Karen Hernandez (Waterford Police Officer/Racine County Deputy), about the date they went on while he is still married. He is also a complete liar. He got kicked out of Northwestern Staff and Command School for getting caught cheating. His arrogance is as disgusting as his overly perverted attitude. John Nelson will destroy anything he is in charge of. Again, ask his co-workers, old and current, from Waterford or Milwaukee County. The evidence is out there.


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