TO: Pasadena. Happy New Year from Wisconsin!

In case you missed it, like me.

The annual Tournament of Roses Parade was held in Pasadena, not New Year’s Day, but Monday, January 2nd.

Turns out the Tournament of Roses Association President and Chairman of the Board Amy Wainscott is a graduate of Eagle River.

“She wanted to have north central Wisconsin represented in the Tournament of Roses Parade in a fashion that would never happen if they tried to do it on their own,” said DC Everest Band Director Joe Finnegan.

Four hundred students from Lakeland, DC Everest, Merrill, Mosinee, Northland Pines, Three Lakes, Wausau East, and Antigo made up the second-largest band ever to perform in the parade.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that thanks to Amy Wainscott, we would have never had this opportunity,” Finnegan said.

“Our job is making sure everyone is on the same beat. Doing whistle commands, just kind of leading the group down the parade route,” DC Everest High School Drum Major Anika Lindell said just a few days before the parade.

The huge ensemble played an original composition with a Wisconsin feel.

“The piece is pretty exciting. It starts with America the Beautiful, and just adds little snippets of On Wisconsin until it just can’t take it anymore,” Finnegan said.

First, let’s go to the KTLA parade coverage with commentary that begins with Wainscott’s unit. You’ll hear the band approaching in the background just before it takes the spotlight.

And now the band without announcers.

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