The intruder picked the wrong house. The owner was a pro wrestling legend.

True confession: I used to be a big pro wrestling fan. Watched the matches on TV. Attended the matches at the Milwaukee Arena and Milwaukee Auditorium with my father. Caught the cable TV pay-per-views at my uncle’s house.

Key words: ‘used to be.’ Haven’t watched an entire wrestling show on TV maybe since 1990. Bobby “the Brain” Heenan was a famous professional wrestler, on-screen manager for the bad guys (“heels” they were called in wresting vernacular) and a color commentator for television broadcasts.

Heenan explains my lost interest rather concisely in this brief clip from a You Tube interview.

That was Heenan. He often joked. “I know all about cheating. I’ve had six very successful marriages (actually he had one wife for 40 years)” and “A friend in need is a pest.” Heenan died in 2017 of organ failures brought on by throat cancer.

And he was right, along with former wrestler with an Elvis gimmick, “Honky Tonk Man” who said, “All the good guys are gone.”

Former champion “Superstar” Billy Graham said, “You’ve got to have commitment. What has made (successful wrestlers) is charisma.” Graham argues todays grapplers are lacking.

There are no Hulk Hogans or Crushers or Macho Man Randy Savages or Andre the Giants. Today’s wrestling is nowhere near what it once was. Just isn’t any good.

I miss the days of guys like….

Duggan made nationwide news this week.

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