You say your city of Franklin property taxes were about unchanged. How did that happen?

There was a property tax levy increase of $497,400. The increase is paid for by new construction taxes (that means growth, folks) of $295,300 and 1/2 the net of the closing of TID 3 (in the Northwestern Mutual Life area) of $202,300 for a total of $497,600.00. That means NO CITY tax increase. New homes and businesses will face taxes those entities are normally hit with.

The Franklin Common Council approved this budget but the aldermen/women get no credit for this fiscal responsibility. They merely rubberstamped what the administration proposed.

As for the budgeting from the Franklin Public Schools and Milwaukee County they again disappointed. Nothing new there.

But the city acted about as responsibly as possible, short of an overall tax cut. Commendable for the most important job they’ll do all year.

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