“The Lord works in mysterious ways”

By Guest Blogger Jennifer Fischer
My lovely wife

“The Lord works in mysterious ways.”

I’m sure you’ve heard and said that phrase many times in your life.  (Unless you’re an atheist.  In which case please stop reading and have a nice day.)

Since Kevin’s Covid journey everyone in my life knows that my faith in God has deepened more than I had imagined it could. During my morning commute, praying replaced listening to the radio.  After Kevin had been home a couple weeks and we were settling into our new-ish routine, I added an extra request heavenward.

“God,” I asked “please help me find a way to give back to you for all the goodness you’ve given us.  I don’t know what that looks like yet…  It certainly can’t be giving money because I’m not wealthy.  I don’t know what I need to do, but I have to find a way to thank you for your divine grace.  Help me find a way to use what I have to show my gratitude.”

A day or so after I made that plea I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an extremely random post by a friend I don’t regularly follow.  The friend mentioned Indeed.com.  I had only heard of the site and had never once gone on it.  But “something” led me to check it out for the first time.  Honestly, I have no idea why I did because I absolutely wasn’t seeking new employment.

The first opening to pop up in my search by location and skill set was for an Administrative Assistant position in Franklin at the Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.  Yes, you read correctly… a job opening less than five miles from our home, seeking someone with my talents, at a Catholic institution.  Not just any Catholic intuition either but one that prepares men for priesthood as well as offering laypeople opportunities to deepen their knowledge and earn advanced religious degrees. 

I concluded my “search” that I wasn’t planning on in the first place and immediately began updating my resume.  A dear friend put the finishing touches on it for me and I submitted it.

A phone interview lead to a panel interview that I felt went extremely well.  I was confident, comfortable and could easily see myself supporting the multiple areas that were presented to me.  It really felt like a perfect fit.  The waiting game wasn’t too unbearable as plenty of family commitments filled my days.

On our ride home from Kyla’s regional dance competition held Thanksgiving weekend, I received the email I had been hoping for but not expecting for at least two more weeks.  I had been offered the position!  I humbly accepted immediately and the wheels were put in motion.

I gave my notice to not just an employer but a dear family friend.  I had worked for him for over two years and made many wonderful friends in the process.  He was gracious, understanding, supportive and most of all happy for me and my new opportunity.  What more could I ask for?

Two weeks later, I said my goodbyes to a delightful team that will still remain friends.  I brought in three bags of chocolate mix with a sign that said “you’ve been sweet to work with.” A friend brought donuts for us, and throughout the day I received lots of good wishes and hugs.  It’s not easy leaving a group of people you grow so close to.  But it will absolutely be the right move for our family for so many reasons.

I begin my new role on January 3rd. I will be able to spend this extra time with my family & friends as we celebrate the most joyous season of the year and can start 2023 with so many new and exciting opportunities. 

To me, it’s a bit ironic that I asked God to help me find a way to thank Him, and He is blessing me once again with something incredible.  I will absolutely spend my days not just working to help the departments I am supporting but work to thank Him for leading me to this new role.

The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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