Today’s highly interesting read (12/15/22): America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos

Today’s read is from columnist Kurt Schlichter. Here’s an excerpt.

Somehow we got to the point where we’re expected to just nod politely when freaks, strangeos, and perverts turn up in positions of great responsibility. Well, that needs to change. Whether it’s some “non-binary” bondage mutant who oversees America’s nuclear waste betwixt bouts of luggage larceny or an Army colonel who – and yeah, this happened – masks up as a leather sex puppy in uniform on social media and who, along with junior officers, also dressed as carnal canines, forms what I guess would be an erotic litter. And then there’s the everyday parade of creepy groomer oddities teaching our kids – actually, indoctrinating them – who are so proud of it that they go post videos of themselves bragging about the gender confusion and woke nonsense they spread. Time to stop accepting the idea that we need to pretend weirdos are not weird.

Read the entire column here.

Dec. 17 is Wreaths Across America Day. Will you help?

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/15/22): America, We Can Choose Not to Tolerate Weirdos

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