One of Franklin’s worst alderpersons is running for mayor

If not for Kristen Wilhelm then John Nelson would hold the dubious distinction of being the worst member on the Franklin Common Council. And now he wants to run the city.

Here’s a guy who not only supports lawsuits against the very city he represents but he also backs the city haters filing the suits. Nelson even gave a financial contribution to a resident who filed an ethics complaint against one of his fellow alderpersons. The complaint got thrown out.

During the entire Strauss debacle Nelson opposed the firm’s expansion, further damaging Franklin’s negative business climate. Nelson supported a flawed aldermanic candidate who was instrumental in a series of lawsuits on the matter.

Now that’s beyond bizarre. You look with favor upon lawsuits against the city you hold public office?

Let’s be real here. The main reason Nelson is running (and being urged to do so) is because he doesn’t like Mayor Steve Olson. It’s truly that simple. Nelson’s rationale is petty and personal.

Prepare for the predictable platitudes and talking points. Personally, I recommend not signing his nomination papers. But if he gets on the ballot and probably will don’t vote for him. The city is enjoying tremendous growth with one positive development after another. Don’t ruin it by supporting Nelson.

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