Today’s highly interesting read (12/08/22): Is Mainstream Media Broken Beyond Repair?

Today’s read is from Dr. Munr Kazmir, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and vice president of the American Jewish Congress, and Brooke Bell a Washington, D.C., writer/analyst.

Here’s an excerpt:

It isn’t even the one-directional nature of these constant “errors” in reporting, which only ever seem to benefit Democrats.

Those are merely symptoms. The underlying causes still elude us. One of the biggest problems with the mainstream media is a deeper pattern that is only just beginning to come into focus.

When one major media outlet gets a story wrong, they all get it wrong. And wrong in the exact same way.

We understand why —  or think we do: Anti-conservative bias.

But the real question is How?

Read the entire column here.

Dec. 17 is Wreaths Across America Day. Will you help?

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (12/08/22): Is Mainstream Media Broken Beyond Repair?

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