My Most Popular Blogs (12/05/22)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Ridiculous claim of 90%

2) UPDATE: Waukesha judge Jennifer Dorow for WI SUP CT? Not so fast

3) I thought Milw. Co. Supervisor Patti Logsdon was soooo conservative?

4) UPDATE: My COVID journey: In the hospital I took (gasp) ivermectin

5) Best Cartoons of the Week (12/03/22)

6) Best Memes of the Week (11/27/22): UPDATED

7) UPDATE: The PR around marijuana is all lies

8) The latest pro-life news (11/28/22)

9) Today’s highly interesting read (11/29/22): Coolest high school science class ever takes students hunting

10) UPDATE: Culinary no-no #513

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