The best medical advice I received…EVER!

It’s been mentioned in a few blogs that I could have/should have passed away back in September.

I had COVID (the pandemic is over but COVID is still around).

I had double pneumonia.

And I had sepsis.

I have no idea how many people took time to pray for me (I’m extremely grateful). And the good Lord said it wasn’t my time yet.

About a week and a half ago I paid a visit to my regular physician. After about two weeks between doctor appointments post-hospital release I had gained five pounds. I lost quite a few pounds in the hospital. My doctor informed my stomach had shrunk. So the five-pound gain was good, but not good enough.

“I want you to gain 10 more,” my doctor ordered while chuckling. Never in my life has any physician given me that kind of direction.

Not that I need the inspiration but extra dressing and gravy on Thursday, here I come.

My wife noticed whatever paunch I had is gone. I am now (maybe temporarily) a svelte sexy son of a gun!

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