A big fat NO to Taylor Swift

The other day our 13-year old daughter Kyla approached her mother with a not so simple request. She wants to go to the Taylor Swift concert. The upcoming US tour will be at Soldier Field in Chicago next June 2, 3, and 4.

Mom and Kyla had a nice but firm conversation. Kyla did not get the answer she wanted.

When Mom told Dad about the chat Dad’s reaction was firm and a half, and brief.


Dad’s response was made long before Mom could finish her sentence.

NO for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that on one site, StubHub, tickets for the concert range from $600 to $45,000…EACH.

A Taylor Swift concert is described as a “heavy demand event.” And how (even though this fogey can’t understand why).

Her fans were left in tears by huge technical difficulties as they desperately tried to purchase tickets. The Ticketmaster website appeared to crash or freeze as presale tickets for “The Era Tour” hit the market Tuesday. Wait times of up to eight hours ended in disappointment for hundreds of thousands of people. Additionally, ticket sales for West Coast shows were delayed by three hours. Ticketmaster blamed an “unprecedented historic demand” for the fiasco Tuesday, saying millions of fans had inundated the site for Swift’s first tour since 2018.

Kyla might have to settle for a T-shirt.

We didn’t have to go through what countless other parents did, and that’s more than fine with me.

The Associated Press has more.

UPDATE: Ticketmaster cancels general ticket sale for Taylor Swift tour after ‘extraordinarily high demands’

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