One vote, one day, the same day

The most important thing Republicans have to do is learn to play under the new rules for voting. Yes, mail-in voting is garbage, and ballot harvesting sucks. But they’re also both part of the reality right now. If Republicans don’t learn to be good at them, better than Democrats, forget about it.

Republicans need to stop with the whining about mail-in ballots and start encouraging their voters to use them. There’s no way to measure how many people didn’t show up on Election Day because something suddenly came up, but the number is obviously more than zero.
—Columnist Derek Hunter, Townhall

Democrats once again turned on the ignition and their army of activists began knocking on doors and dialing up their reliable voters to be sure that every single one of them knew the time to vote was now. Whether it was three weeks or a month before actual Election Day, it didn’t matter. Now. In response, Republicans donned a toothy smile and told their voters to keep Tuesday open. Wait in line—no matter how long it takes.

True, Republicans tend to be a lot more motivated than Democrats to vote in a non-presidential campaign year. They’re happy to drive to the booth and wait their turn. But the new reality is that elections are happening for weeks before the designated day for official in-person voting. That’s a lot of time for dedicated activists to call or visit the homes of their voters, no matter how unmotivated they are, and tell them that they don’t have to wait at all. They can cast their ballot right now. Want me to do it for you?!
—Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist

Former WI Governor Scott Walker has a different view.

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