Re-elect Robin Vos

Extremely naïve Robin Vos haters are pinning their hopes to unseat the Republican state Assembly Speaker on write-in candidate Adam Steen. Vos opponents are angry that in their view Vos didn’t do enough to reverse the results of the 2020 presidential election in Wisconsin.

Earth to that bunch: Vos doesn’t have any authority to snap his fingers and automatically, legally change the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Steen lost the primary to Vos by 260 votes, but has run a highly questionable campaign since then to say the least.

Leaked phone call recordings allegedly show Steen made misogynistic comments, calling some of his own supporters “stupid,” openly considering breaking election law for a stunt, and agreeing with a statement that his own volunteers “are legitimately barbaric.” Steen did not deny any allegations regarding what he said in the recorded phone calls.

Another write-in candidate is on the ballot opposing Vos, Joel Jacobsen, a Democrat who ran against Vos in the past and lost.

In the past few days Donald Trump has accused Vos of being a RINO (Republican In Name Only). Not according to the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Center for Legislative Accountability that declared Wisconsin’s Republican state lawmakers as the “second most conservative in the nation.” by the Conservative Political Action Conference’s Center for Legislative Accountability.

Wisconsin’s legislative Republicans received an average conservative rating of 91.5%, which trails only Florida, where GOP lawmakers voted “for conservative principles a staggering 96% of the time. The gallant work of Wisconsin Republican lawmakers to block the radical agenda of Gov. Tony Evers has placed the delegation as the second most conservative in the nation” the conservative conference said.

At the risk of oversimplification the primary function of the state Assembly Speaker is to build and maintain the Assembly majority for his party. In that regard no one could ask Vos to a do a better job.

Vos became speaker in 2014 when Republicans held a 63-36 advantage over Democrats in the assembly.

After the next election the Republican majority was 63-35 in 2016.

In 2018, 63-36.

In 2020, 61-38.

After Tuesday the GOP majority is expected to remain strong.

FLASHBACK: The left-leaning POLITICO wrote in September 2021 that Vos has been the consummate goalkeeper against the ridiculous policies of Tony Evers.

Vos needs to be re-elected.

UPDATE from Jessica McBride at Wisconsin Right Now:  

For those in Robin Vos’s Assembly district, a few points to consider –

– we looked up his voting record. He has a 92% conservative excellence voting record from CPAC over the course of his career and 93% last year. He’s been consistently conservative

– his job is not to be popular; it’s to keep majorities and there is a chance that Republicans will get a super majority this year, which would be quite a feat.

yes he opposed decertification of the 2020 election but so does every major Republican candidate and pushing it would likely have cost Repubs every statewide election by playing into the media’s and Democrats’ hands. Not to mention that it’s unconstitutional and wouldn’t change the national results anyway. The way to get election reform is to get a Republican into the gov mansion

– it would be interesting to see what he could get done legislatively with Michels in office. There were things that they couldn’t get through Walker and, of course, Evers vetoed everything

– a loss would mean a vacuum in legislative leadership right when Republicans should charge out of the gate. There’s a reason the left would celebrate if he doesn’t win

He’s not perfect. No one is. There are things to criticize. But these are some facts to consider.

2 thoughts on “Re-elect Robin Vos

  1. What are you most enthralled with from Vos and his conservative record?: Increase in road taxes, support of toll roads, killing the BabyBodyParts bill 3x (!), sponsoring the abortion pill (AB304), NOT defunding Planned Parenthood, wants to reopen Wisconsin abortion laws, passed pro abortion funding in budget, blocked anti-bestiality bill (SB139), pro red flag laws, gave taxing authority to propane marketing group, consistently rejects open records requests, no full cyber and physical audit of elections, blocked and frustrated the Gableman investigation, wouldn’t sign the Brantjen subpoenas to start a full audit, republican caucus deception on SB 941/946, supported ObamaCare (AB210), was a Never Trumper, persecuted Ramthun and his staff, primaried fellow republicans, works with union lobbyist John Gard (he’s part of the whitewater mafia – Gard, Vos, Reince and Paul Ryan), pro drop boxes, SWEARS.TO.GOD there is no mechanism to prosecute election fraud, called republicans terrorists when they disobeyed his budget bill, and much more. Wisconsin’s #1 political problem continues.


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