I’m voting for Tim Michels Tuesday, but I’m not terribly excited

Just being honest, as always.

It’s no secret I enthusiastically supported Rebecca Kleefisch in the GOP gubernatorial primary. I worked with her in the Scott Walker administration. She’s a friend, and was before she became WI Lt. Governor.

When she lost I was extremely disappointed. In my view she had a great opportunity to beat Tony Evers, more so than Michels.

So when I didn’t immediately jump on the Michels bandwagon as soon as the final vote was counted some of my conservative friends gave me what for, wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

A candidate has to earn my vote. Gee, I’m funny that way. And Michels never took me, grabbed me by the lapel and won me over.

His campaign has been weak. Even flip-flopped a few times. And of all people, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was recently correct in its assessment that Michels was void of specifics. During his debate with Evers he said, “I’ll fix it” with few mentions of how. And he failed to deliver an easy knockout against the fumblin’ bumblin’ Evers.

Michels shouldn’t be in a statistical tie with Evers. He should be leading.

Evers can beat Michels. I worry he will. But if Michels does come out on top I’m still worried he’ll be lacking as governor. I get some consolation that a Republican-controlled Legislature will end up carrying Michels.

So I will vote for Michels for the best reason: he’s not Evers. And that’s really not saying a lot.

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