Franklin alderwoman insults city staff, unfairly compares to police

My alderwoman, the worst member on the Franklin Common Council, Kristen Wilhelm never ceases to disappoint. Tuesday’s council meeting was no exception.

The first item of business was an announcement that longtime city clerk Sandi Wesolowski was attending her final council meeting. Wesolowski is retiring after 37 years with Franklin.

Every council member briefly offered their thanks and congratulations to Wesolowski who is in charge of all city staff, with Wilhelm saying Wesolowski ran “a fabulous department.”

OK. Nothing wrong there, though I had to chuckle because over the years reliable sources have informed me Wilhelm is no friend to city staff. She’s been known to criticize and make unnecessary, unreasonable work requests. A bit later in the meeting discussion turned to increasing comp time benefits for Franklin police sergeants. Alderman Mike Barber made a motion to delay any action until the council had the opportunity to hear more from the city’s Fire and Police Commission.

Looking perturbed, Wilhelm said she was “disappointed” in the motion to delay, wanting to vote on the matter Tuesday evening.

That’s when Wilhelm stepped in it.

“I think that there are staff that have jobs here at City Hall that put their lives at less risk and less stress that are already making more.”

I found Wilhelm’s comment to be insulting and disrespectful. Comparing office workers to police officers was extremely unfair. All Wilhelm had to do was contend police have a dangerous job (no one would argue) and that they deserved an answer on comp time benefits then as opposed to later. To drag other employees into the debate was uncalled for.

For the record the council tied 3-3 on delaying a decision. Mayor Olson broke the tie by voting to hold off and refer to the Fire and Police Commission.

“I don’t think it hurts to have more information,” said Olson.

FINALLY, Wilhelm has always possessed quite the ego. She is, after all, the smartest person in the room.

 And woe is Wilhelm. She has it soooooo difficult as an alderwoman. That’s why some refer to her as “whiny Wilhelm.”

Watch from 1:00:49 to 1:02:22.

If SHE’S not clear, then others can’t possibly be clear, either.

And WAH WAH WAH. Stop throwing at us!!!! Ironic, given what I mentioned above about her past demands on city staff.

Please, someone run against her!

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