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Elon Musk

Joe Kennedy

Tiffany Chou


Darrell Brooks

Joe (We could name his every week) Biden

Paul Pelosi attacker

Zeeshan Aleem


“I can’t speak for anyone else but for me I believe in Jesus Christ. It’s how I was raised, that what I believe in. None of us are perfect. I try everyday to make sure I acknowledge him…I have my Bible with me wherever I go. I even read on breaks, recesses. This is not something that started at the beginning of this incident.

“It’s because I believe, I trust Him with my life. Nobody might ever know why it was His will for this to happen. A lot of lives were changed that day, mine included.

“I’ve never heard of somebody intentionally trying to hurt someone while blowing their horn, while attempting to alert people to their presence.”
Darrell Brooks at his Waukesha murder trial, on his actions behind the wheel.

“He reached speeds of approximately 30 mph. That’s intentional. He plowed through 68 different people. 68. How can you hit one and keep going? How can you hit two and keep going?”
Waukesha County prosecutor Susan Opper said during closing arguments Tuesday in the Darrell Brooks murder trial

Brooks’ guilt was never in doubt due to the numerous photos and videos where he could be clearly seen driving down the parade route, in addition to the multiple eyewitnesses who testified it was Brooks who was behind the wheel during the trial. In fact, some of Brooks’ own witnesses he called to his defense (testified) it was him who was driving the SUV.

“Burn in Hell, you piece of sh*t!”
As Judge Jennifer Dorow read the guilty verdicts, Brooks looked down and held his head in his hands. One man could be heard yelling at Brooks. Dorow ordered the man who yelled to be removed from the room.

“Reminder that if we had a functioning justice system, Darrell Brooks would have already been in prison during the Waukesha Parade, and his victims would still be alive. Instead, two parents had to bury their 8-year-old son. Social justice kills.”
Allie Beth Stuckey

“The most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over five dollars when I took office. We need to keep making that progress by having energy companies bring down the cost of a gallon of gas that reflects the cost of paying for a barrel of oil.”
Joe Biden. The national average price for a gallon of regular gas in the week ending Jan. 25, 2021, just after Biden took office, was $2.39, according to data review by Fox News from the Energy Information Administration. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline didn’t hit $5 until June 2022.

“I married a beautiful woman from Skaneateles Lake… I met her on spring break and fell head over heels in love with her and gave up a starting job on a football team in Delaware to come up every weekend because I couldn’t stay away.”
Joe Biden

This is completely made up. Biden briefly played football at Delaware as part of the freshman team, not the varsity. He … never had a ‘starting’ job. And why’d he quit? His father made him because he had terrible grades.”
Zach Parkinson

“It’s like the gates of hell opened on this site tonight.”
Washington Post columnist Taylor Lorenz on Elon Musk and Twitter

“Twitter is to be taken over by the evil Sith lord. The sun is dark.”
Journalism professor Jeff Jarvis

“The leak made those of us who were thought to be in the majority in support of overruling Roe and Casey targets for assassination because it gave people a rational reason to think they could prevent that from happening by killing one of us. It was a grave betrayal of trust by somebody. And it was a shock because nothing like that had happened in the past.”
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said Tuesday during a Heritage Foundation event that the initial leaked draft majority opinion to strike down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision put some justices’ lives in danger

“The Democrats have settled on their closing argument: ‘Vote for us so that we can castrate children, use your money to pay for abortions, and put pornography in the schools. If you don’t vote for us then you are a Nazi and democracy will die.’ Fascinating political strategy.”
Matt Walsh

Democratic candidates, facing what increasingly looks like a reckoning in two weeks, are struggling to find a closing message on the economy that acknowledges the deep uncertainty troubling the electorate while making the case that they, not the Republicans, hold the solutions.

For some time, the party’s candidates and strategists have debated whether to hit inflation head on or to heed warnings that any shift toward an economic message would be ending the campaign on the strongest possible Republican ground. Since midsummer, when the Supreme Court repealed Roe v. Wade, Democrats had hoped that preserving the 50-year-old constitutional right to an abortion and castigating Republican extremism could get them past the worst inflation in 40 years.

That is looking increasingly like wishful thinking.
The NY Times

“It’s two weeks before the midterms and Biden is doing interviews [with] transgender activists about the need to surgically sterilize kids. I think the progressives running the [White House] are actively trying to piss off 80 percent of the country. Never seen anything like it.”
Noah Pollak

“Feminism does a lot more for men who wear wigs and dresses than it does for women.”
Abby Johnson

“Stop taking our children to drag shows and start taking them to church.”
Congresswoman Mayra Flores

“How did we arrive at this point in American life? How did our country decline to the point that a geriatric dotard, representing the global hegemon, can declare it immoral to prevent genital mutilation of young people in the name of anti-scientific ‘gender theory’? The answer is obvious: traditional values are losing. They are losing because the best defense of tradition is tradition itself. … The burden of proof must be on those who wish to destroy, not on those who wish to maintain. This means that Americans must have confidence enough to say, ‘It’s worked before, and it works still. I will not surrender it simply because you demand that I do so.’”
Ben Shapiro

After Sunday’s loss to Washington, Green Bay fans can’t be blamed if they start reconsidering their plans to attend Packers games in person.

The Packers, who are 3-4, lost their third consecutive game Sunday, the first time that happened under fourth-year coach Matt LaFleur. And, the team didn’t look good doing it.

The Packers on-field struggles aren’t noticeably affecting secondary market ticket prices yet, but downward pressure could be building.

“Demand is off from the pace we were seeing up until a few weeks ago,” said Dennis Garrity of Event USA in Ashwaubenon. “We are bound to see the inexorable laws of supply and demand. When the product deteriorates, demand diminishes.”

The average of lowest prices at 10 secondary market sites for the Sunday Night Football game at Buffalo was $300 on Monday, down from $335 last week and $407 on Oct. 3, before the Packers’ weaknesses were so glaringly apparent. But prices normally fall as the day of the game approaches and the decreases are not exceptional − so far.

If the Packers don’t improve, the most fervent fans will go to games, Garrity said, but marginal fans will decide they have better things on which to spend their money.

“To be rather blunt, not only are the Packers losing, but the last 10 quarters of football have been rather boring for the most part. People want to be entertained,” Garrity said.
Appleton Post Crescent


Matt Walsh speech at UW-Madison


Study Shows Parents Were Right, CRT Being Taught in Many Public Schools


Mental breakdown over Musk and Twitter


At San Francisco restaurant, pups chow on filet mignon

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