Adults can trick-or-treat too, but…

Those are good-looking costumes. Although I kinda like this combination, too…

If either of those couples rang my doorbell for sure I’d give them extra treats.

I’ve lived in Franklin, WI (God’s country, USA) for 30 years. That’s a lot of Halloween celebrations. That’s a lot of trick or treating. And the fact is  that while I’ve been the one entrusted with handing out the candy most of the time, I’ve never never never seen an adult at my door requesting sweets. Normally they accompany the little ones and may come up the walkway, or walk on the street, some with cocktails. But decked out in costumes? Nope.

If they would be, apparently it’s a thing and acceptable.

There are some suggestions on how adults are to handle this predominantly kid ritual.

Take a look from Food and Wine.

2 thoughts on “Adults can trick-or-treat too, but…

  1. My neighbor used to hand out a beer to any parent walking around. It isn’t a big thing around here, but driving over to my daughter’s neighborhood in St Francis through MKE from the Basilica we saw parents dressed to match the toddlers (a dad as Oscar the Grouch, Mom as Cookie Monster etc.) One man was dressed head to toe in rainbow. I don’t want to guess what he was. I didn’t even know it was trick or treat when I first saw him, but then put two and two together. I thought Humboldt Park became a different kind of park.
    There is neighborhood around me that just does their own thing every Halloween. Everyone dresses up and has bonfires at the end of the driveway and hands out candy there. It’s much safer for kids and like a big party. There is alcohol if the adults want it and snacks. Really a nice time.


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