One of the best quotes of 2022

We’ll get to it, but first…

The Daily Cardinal in Madison reported:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus community discovered spray-painted messages against transphobia and conservative commentator Matt Walsh near Memorial Union Monday morning.

The vandalism occurred early Monday morning, according to UW-Madison spokesperson John Lucas. Most of the graffiti has since been removed.

Messages including “Stop letting Nazi transphobes talk” and “Trans POC rights now” were scattered throughout Alumni Park and on walls surrounding Memorial Union. A Bucky statue near the Memorial Union Terrace was also vandalized. 

The graffiti also called out UW-Madison for giving Walsh a platform. Walsh — a self-described “theocratic fascist,” — has been criticized in recent months for rhetoric some worry promotes hateful or violent attitudes towards transgender people.

University of Wisconsin Police Department spokesperson Marc Lovicott told the Daily Cardinal the incident is under investigation and that police are reviewing security cameras in the area.

“The university is deeply committed to the right to free speech,” Lucas said in an email. “However, criminal damage to the university’s buildings and spaces– for any reason or purpose– is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The university will “take appropriate steps under applicable criminal statutes and campus policies” to hold the individuals responsible for the graffiti accountable, according to Lucas.

Matt Walsh gave a speech on his documentary “What is a Woman” (2022) in the Great Hall at Memorial Union Monday night.

Now, as to the quote I referred to in the above title…

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