Week-ends (10/22/22)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


GOP governors

Yuri Williams



Darrell Brooks

Mandela Barnes

Rorie Woods

Stacy Abrams

NC judge


“We have a highly biased media – very few journalists anymore. Now, they’re advocates. So, when they interview with me, they don’t interview with me. They argue with me. And they argue from the viewpoint of the radical left. When most Americans get their news feeds from Big Tech social media giants, who also are highly biased to the left, this is what ends up happening in America. These races – in the same world with an unbiased media – these races wouldn’t even be close.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“They’re playing the politics of personal destruction because they can’t run on the Democrat record. Remember, it was President Obama who first said he wanted to fundamentally transform America. So did [President] Joe Biden. We’re finally seeing what that looks like now. Forty-year high inflation, record gas prices, skyrocketing crime, an open border with the flood of deadly drugs. So, they’re fundamentally destroying this country, and President Obama had a hand in that.”
US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

“Inflation is a policy choice. It’s the chosen policy of the Democratic Party. Inflation is what happens when you ram through trillion dollar spending bills, when you demonize domestic energy producers, when you try and squeeze out their capital with crazy ESG narratives. That is a policy choice, and hardworking Wisconsinites in my district are dealing with that very inept policy choice by the Biden administration.”
Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.)

“I’m not going to try to bubble wrap it. The American people know that something is wrong in our country. I could talk about crime and the open border and Afghanistan and the economy and inflation. But something more fundamental is wrong in our country. And it is this: President Biden’s policies have tainted, almost defiled the American dream. Under President Biden’s policies, it’s harder than ever to get ahead in our country. And It’s easier than ever to do nothing.

“Under President Biden’s policies, we have too many undeserving people at the top giving bailouts. And we’ve got too many undeserving people at the bottom getting handouts. And The people in the middle get the bill. They can’t afford it anymore.

“But this can be fixed. The American people don’t have to put up with this. They don’t have to wait until a honey bun costs twenty bucks to do something. In 19 days we have mid-term elections. Vote. Vote. Take a friend with you, and go vote. As I’ve said before, if dead people can do it, so can you!”
US Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.)

“The thing that I think sometimes we seem to make a mistake on, is his behavior can be so outrageous, and now, folks who try to copy him and his outrageous behaviors [are] getting a lot of attention. And so we join that game… and we spend enormous amounts of time and energy and resources pointing out the latest crazy thing he said, or how rude or mean some of these Republican candidates behaved. That’s probably not something that, in the minds of most voters, overrides their basic interests: Can I pay the rent? What are gas prices? How am I dealing with child care?”
Former President Barack Obama is warning his Democrat colleagues to stop campaigning with a focus on Trump, saying that they need to worry about more important issues that the country faces

“I almost look at like a football season like you’re going away on deployment in the military, and it’s like, man, here I go again.”
Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“No Tom. It isn’t. I don’t recall my wife having box seats to any of my tours. And the closest I ever had to a fan club was some German kids we let crawl around a M60A3 after we broke down in a German version of Mayberry sometime around 1985 or 86.”
One fan wrote in the comments section of a Fox News article about Brady’s remarks

“Tom Brady has no idea what is speaking about. NO IDEA. Poor thing. Not to mention, those of us who have actually deployed, didn’t get the Millions this guy gets for playing a game. He just lost a lot of respect from me today.”
Another angry fan

“Earlier this week, I made a statement about playing football and the military and it was a very poor choice of words. I just want to express that to any sentiments out there that people may have taken it a certain way. So I apologize.”

“One in four Americans plan to skip Thanksgiving dinner this year due to soaring inflation, a survey by Personal Capital found. Forty-two percent will ask their guests to help cover costs, and 52% will ask their visitors to bring a dish or an item for the dinner table. Fifty-seven percent are keeping their Thanksgiving Day gathering small this year, and 53% will be serving fewer dishes. Eighty-eight percent of Americans said they are cutting at least one dish this year to save money, according to the survey of 1,002 adults by the online wealth management company. Thanksgiving fare that won’t make the cut? Brussel sprouts, squash, carrots and beets. Americans are not doing without their turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing, however.”


Cleveland school allows armed teens into building to avoid cops

Violent week a grim sign as targeted killings of police rise


MSM a ‘Major Threat’ to Democracy


Vaccine now available for kids


The Ghostbusters firehouse

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