Franklin publication does puff piece on Dem state Assembly candidate

Talk about your free publicity!

FRANKLIN NEIGHBORS is a FREE monthly publication mailed to many Franklin residents.

The most recent issue (November) features Franklin’s Deborah Davis and family on the cover.

Inside is a lengthy puff piece glorifying Davis who is an ultra lefty running for the state Assembly in the 82nd District.

FRANKLIN NEIGHBORS is ideal if you want to know when the Boerner Botanical Gardens are open, what’s happening at the Franklin library, or the latest recipe from the publisher, Karin White.

If you want serious news about the area, this ain’t it.

And yet, just weeks before the election, there’s candidate Deborah Davis plastered on the front page and inside in all the magazine’s bright colors and glossiness.

Free publicity is manna from heaven when you’re running for political office.

Was Karin White unaware Davis is a candidate for the WI Legislature? Or did she just not care and decided to give a major boost to Davis?

There’s no mention of Davis’ candidacy in the glowing article even though Davis mentions it at every public appearance she makes. Even so, Davis and her supporters are relishing the attention.

Think about it. The FREE magazine dropped in mailboxes all over Franklin is like an aldermanic candidate distributing campaign brochures. It costs money to print and mail those lit pieces. With Karin White’s help Davis just saved hundreds of dollars.

It seems White isn’t the sharpest political mind around. Her article states that Davis’ “neighborhood worked closely with the former Alderman John Nelson, advocating for development that is in compliance with Franklin’s Comprehensive Plan.”


Oh I bet CURRENT Alderman Nelson isn’t happy about that! He absolutely hates when somebody writes something about him he disagrees with. The fact he backed big time liberal Davis and joined her in opposition to the Strauss expansion is no surprise.

Davis doesn’t come close to representing the ideologies or values of most Franklin residents. Chuck Wichgers who represents District 83 is running against Davis in District 82 that is now part of a newly-drawn Assembly map.

Wichgers is the vote on November 8th.

And shame on Karin White and FRANKLIN NEIGHBORS.

2 thoughts on “Franklin publication does puff piece on Dem state Assembly candidate

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