Today’s highly interesting read (10/13/22): Why Did So Many Intellectuals Refuse to Speak Out?

Today’s read is from Jeffrey A. Tucker, Founder and President of the Brownstone Institute, an economist and author. Here’s an excerpt:

Think of all the institutions that have marched in lockstep during the dramatic decline in civilization over three years. It’s been media, Big Tech, large corporations, academia, the medical industry, central banks, and government at all levels. They have all been in on the lie. They sat by and said nothing or even cheered as governments utterly wrecked rights and liberties that humanity has fought for over 800 years. 

I cannot recall a single voice of opposition appearing in any major newspaper or mainstream venue. This went on for months! Only a few of us were yelling about this but we barely got any traction, despite the deep injustice being perpetrated along strong racial lines. 

Where was the outrage about school and church closings, the mandatory masking, the wrecked businesses, the bad science, the astonishing lies foisted on the public day after day?

How the heck did this happen? Why is it still happening? In particular, where were intellectuals?

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (10/13/22): Why Did So Many Intellectuals Refuse to Speak Out?

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