Eight words perfectly illustrate the inept Milwaukee County Board


Milwaukee County will not spend $63,000 of taxpayer money to provide free bus rides on Election Day this November. Near the end of last month the Milwaukee County Board voted 11-7 in favor of the free rides. BUT a two-thirds vote, or 12 votes was necessary to enact the proposed resolution.

During the board’s debate Milwaukee County Supervisor Steven Shea was incredulous.

“I really find it difficult to see why anyone would be opposing this resolution,” Shea said.

Shea simply couldn’t comprehend the common sense involved.

“This is pure bribery, it’s illegal and like I said perception is reality and this is a body that is just doing political stunts to help, you know, a couple candidates on the ballot,” said Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor.

“I think it’s also important to note that in Milwaukee County… um… people live within a half mile of their polling location,” said Milwaukee County Supervisor Liz Sumner.

“I am concerned about the fiscal hit that this will take for the one day for the few people that actually would be using it for the purpose of the polls,” said Milwaukee County Supervisor Kathleen Vincent.

“It is illegal to offer, give or lend or promise to give or lend anything of value to any elector in order to induce any elector to go to or refrain from going to the polls,” said Margaret Daun, Milwaukee County Corporation Counsel.

Despite the fact earmarking the funding for free bus rides is against the law, 11 supervisors voted to do it anyway.

Earlier last month the County Board’s Transportation Committee took up the matter and I blogged that Supervisor Patti Logsdon made a very good case against the freebies.

At the committee meeting member Steven Shea scoffed at Logsdon’s concern about the misuse of taxpayer funding with these eight words:

“We just want to spend our own money.”

Did you catch that?

“We just want to spend our own money.”

Shea was blatantly wrong. The $63,000 in question was and is not the county board’s own money. It belongs to the people who pay the bills.

Shea also demonstrated a complete disregard for the taxpayers of Milwaukee County.

In doing so Shea secured himself a seat on the clown car that is the Milwaukee County Board. And he won’t be alone.

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