What really happened at that Franklin meeting re: Trick or Treat

UPDATE: Mayor Steve Olson has announced the Trick or Treat decision will be reconsidered by the Common Council, most likely at the 9/20 Common Council meeting in conformance with the legal requirements.

Why can’t the council hold a special meeting to address this sooner? The mayor informs me of the following city ordinance:

It shall be in order for any member who voted in the affirmative on any question which was adopted or for any member who voted in the negative when the number of affirmative votes was insufficient for adoption to move a reconsideration of such vote, at the same or next succeeding regular meeting of the Council.

The Franklin Common Council met on Tuesday, September 6th, and quickly approved Trick or Treat to be held this year on Monday, October 31st, from 4-7pm.

You could hear the tremors and rumblings for the next several days.

Lots of discussion on social media and people are ticked. Quite frankly I don’t blame them.

The tape doesn’t lie so let’s go to the video and watch this brief yuck-fest where generally speaking few, if any seemed to take the matter seriously. Pay attention to Alderwoman Kristen Wilhem’s goofy observation.

Some observations, in no particular order:

There was ZERO discussion on the impact on school children who get out of class just before 4:00, not to mention their parents who are still at work at 4:00.

Alderwoman Sheri Hanneman made the motion to change the day from Sunday to Monday. Disappointing.

Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann seconded the motion to change the day from Sunday to Monday. Disappointing.

The council members voted unanimously to change the day from Sunday to Monday. Disappointing. But not surprising.

Some people are calling to skin Mayor Steve Olson alive. He did not vote, but did say he would have favored the date change. I’m not sure what the mayor found so amusing during this discussion. Personally I would have kept a straight face and not commit to my stance.

Many people think the council’s decision was based on an upcoming newsletter announcing the October 31st date. There doesn’t appear to be any truth to that being the council’s motivation. Nothing of that nature was stated at the meeting as you can see/hear from the video.

Normally I wouldn’t object to Halloween being on Halloween. But I concur with many a parent who has rightfully spoken out against the timing. This isn’t rocket science, folks. School gets out when? If you’ve been reading the papers school busses have been a nightmare and who knows if the chaos will be resolved by October 31st. Parents are still at work when Trick or Treat is set to begin.

There’s no other to put it except that this is really, really, really dumb. That’s the Franklin way.

Someone on the council needs to execute some common sense and suggest taking the proper action to go back to Sunday, 4-7pm (Packer game is around 7:20 that night).

Will someone actually do that? On this council?

One thought on “What really happened at that Franklin meeting re: Trick or Treat

  1. I believe I heard that the mayor said that he was in favor of Halloween night because he said these activities should be celebrated on the day of. So why is the Fourth of July parade on July second?


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