Today’s highly interesting read, plus video (09/11/22): Why Does the Left Want to Destroy Christianity?

On this Sunday, today’s read is from Emily Allison, a writer for The Epoch Times and a freelance political journalist. Read, and then watch a disturbing video.

Christians have been able to enjoy the separation of church and state in America for quite some time. Many Christians have taken this as a free pass to live out their beliefs and morals quietly in their personal lives, completely detached from the world of politics altogether. It is becoming increasingly more difficult in today’s culture to live out Christian values without interference from the government or cultural opposition. For Christians who are seeing the attacks on religion amplifying in our culture and wondering how they should navigate the conflicting world of faith and politics, check out EpochTV’s latest program “The Left’s Not so Subtle Attack Against the Church” presented by Lucas Miles, host of the series “Church and State.”

Miles is an ordained minister and best-selling author. In this episode, he talks about how the church in America used to be a sacred place of refuge and safety, yet the political left has increasingly declared it open season on Christians, particularly pro-life institutions since the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Miles says the church has been invaded by the same ideology attacking our nation for some time—Marxism. He says it’s important for Christians to not have their heads in the sand and be unaware of the spiritual battle raging around them. America used to be the place where people could go to church without being worried about persecution, but the attacks against churches are increasing, and with it, so should Christian faith and vigilance.

Why Does the Left Want to Destroy Christianity?

Miles believes that Roe v. Wade being overturned was exactly what the left needed to justify attacks against the church. “If you understand Marxism, what you understand is that the church stands as an obstacle to the Marxist agenda,” says Miles. Unless the church is removed or converted to a Marxist way of thinking, Marxism cannot thrive in society. Miles says that the church and family are what has been needed to prevent a Marxist takeover of society in America so far. This is because the root tactic of Marxism is to destabilize society to the point where its own people essentially overthrow it, allowing Marxists to rebuild it according to their power agenda.

Destabilizing a society requires tearing down faith in every institution, along with the values and morals of society as a whole. Once this is accomplished, people and the very structure of society are a blank slate to be used to serve the interests of the Marxist state. Religion not only provides a firm foundation of values that stabilize culture, but it also offers a higher power that governs people, which is in direct opposition to Marxism. The ruling party in a Marxist or communist state must establish itself as the ultimate authority. Anything that threatens to supersede the authority of the ruling party is a threat that cannot be tolerated. Miles believes that when Roe v. Wade was overturned, it gave the far left the fuel it needed to motivate the “useful idiots” of society to wage war against the church and the institutions that threaten the rise of Marxism in America.

Should Christians Stand Against Religious Persecution?

Miles said that as the church gets brighter, Christians, and especially church leaders, need to start expecting darkness to get darker, warning that more blatant protesting and acts against the church are going to increase. He shows clips of the hateful and sick attacks against Christians, from women stripping in church services screaming “my body my choice” to people taking a man’s bible and vandalizing it; kicking the bible around, ripping it, and eventually throwing it in a porta-potty. It is disturbing to watch the blatant hate crimes being committed against others, and although Americans aren’t being burned at the stake or tortured yet for their faith, Miles says this is where it all starts.

Because of this reality, he believes American Christians should be outraged.

Watch the full episode here.

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