We are (unintentionally) abusing our kids

Evidence suggests it’s true.

This morning it was back to school time all across America. One of the busses stops in front of my house at approximately 8:00 am. All six of the elementary students standing and waiting had heavy backpacks strapped to their bodies.

My guess is on average, depending on the size of the backpack, each weighs 20-25 lbs.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. And it does.

My daughter, wife and I had a very brief discussion about this with Daddy inquiring if there was a better alternative. How about a grown up adult briefcase. That idea was quickly shot down. Not big enough. Not configured properly to fit all of Sears Roebuck and Co. in there. C’mon Dad, what’s wrong with you?

A few weeks ago Amy McGorry wrote on FOX News:

Health experts told Fox News Digital that it is important parents be sure they’re not sending their kids back to school with heavy, overweight book bags for this new school year, since heavy backpacks take more of a toll than many people may realize. 

How much of a toll? 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says an estimated annual average of 7,500 kids under 19 years old were treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to backpacks from 2017 to 20

I don’t have the answers (Ask my daughter, Kyla). But read McGorry’s entire article for expert advice.

Kyla, September 1, 2020

2 thoughts on “We are (unintentionally) abusing our kids

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