Franklin’s non-Independence Day parade

Today I sent the following e-mail to Mayor Steve Olson, all members of the Franklin Common Council, and City Clerk Sandi Wesolowski:

During the 30 years I’ve lived in Franklin I’ve seen and heard many well-intentioned decision makers do and say some ridiculous things. This one might just take the cake.

As you’re probably aware at a meeting last month the Civic Celebrations Commission decided to hold the 4th of July parade in 2023 on July 2nd instead.

Let’s be clear. With all due respect the commission with the exception of Alderman Holpfer is comprised of volunteers who give of their time to try to enhance the quality of life in our city. However this idea to move the parade is just plain dumb. Stupid. Whatever word you want to use.

In our great nation we do not honor July 2nd.

We do not celebrate July 2nd.

Our independence is appropriately dedicated and devoted to America’s birthday, July 4th.

The reasoning behind the move is also goofy. Apparently residents have way too much going on in their lives on July 4th. So dumping the parade on July 4th will allow them more time to do what they’d like. Excuse me but on July 4th I want to participate in the historic tradition of attending my city’s parade.

Thousands of communities across America in 2023 will be celebrating our independence with a parade on July 4th. But possibly not in Franklin where we may just opt to play stupid that day by abandoning an important element of our civic pride.

At tonight’s (Tuesday’s) Common Council meeting you will likely approve appointments to the commission. Hopefully these and other members will work in the weeks and months ahead to correct this dopy idea.

No one voted for the commission members. You, the mayor and council members can and should intervene and take action to make it clear Franklin will do what is right and keep the popular 4th of July parade on the 4th.

Respectfully submitted,

Kevin Fischer

4 thoughts on “Franklin’s non-Independence Day parade

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