Franklin Alderwoman and killjoy Kristen Wilhelm wants fewer fireworks

My Franklin alderwoman, Kristin Wilhelm, is useless. I wish she was gone. Last year.

Wilhelm demonstrated her anti-business sentiments during a discussion on fireworks regulation at tonight’s meeting of the Franklin Common Council when she called for fewer public displays of fireworks.

“I think we should put some kind of cap on how many events per year.”

Wilhelm’s comment was a direct shot at one of Franklin’s finest corporate citizens, Michael Zimmerman, Owner and Executive Officer of Roc Ventures. Zimmerman has staged several fireworks displays at his Milwaukee Milkmen games this season. He also had the audacity to in an impromptu fashion hold fireworks on the night of July 4th when the city of Franklin questionably canceled their display. Fireworks were also held in August to celebrate the opening of Luxe Golf Displays at Franklin’s Ballpark Commons.

Imagine poor Wilhelm when one of her fondest allies and buddies on the council Alderman John Nelson, came out with this:

“I don’t agree with having a limitation to the number. Because I don’t believe that’s been a real issue at all. And if a business that wants to celebrate it, have ‘em celebrate it. I don’t want to hamstring somebody who says ‘well we had 10 at the Milkmen games, I’m sorry, Saputo Cheese you can’t do anything.’ I don’t want that.”

Nelson lands hard jab to Wilhelm! She never saw it coming!

Alderwoman Shari Hanneman didn’t exactly help Franklin’s business climate during the discussion. Businesses pay close attention to this stuff.

“If we have a business in the community that is putting on a public fireworks display without the proper permit, how do we handle that? What is the punishment, for lack of a better word? My only concern for that is public safety.”

Mayor Steve Olson: “Right.”

Hanneman: “Because God forbid what if something were to happen? What if an insurance company wasn’t going to cover that? Does that come back on the city? I don’t know.”

God, I absolutely hate the “What if” argument.

No, Shari, you don’t know. Why don’t you know?

Because you, and no one else for that matter, could cite businesses that operated fireworks that caused such damage that the city became horribly liable. Her argument was phony.

Enter Alderwoman Michelle Eichmann for some common sense.

She saw no need for limiting fireworks. Her district is across the street from Franklin Filed and says she’s had very few complaints about the fireworks that were approved this year.

The common sense approaches fell on Wilhelm’s deaf ears.

“If it’s on a weeknight, having one a week is not reasonable. I’m talking one facility over and over and over again.”

Again. A direct kick in the face to Roc Ventures.

Is the woman not paying attention or just that clueless?

Fireworks at Franklin Field this season have always been on a SATURDAY. They were NOT scheduled once a week.

Did I mention she needs to go?

In the end tonight the council did what it does best. Nothing. They delayed taking action on what to do what fireworks. Which is probably good.

3 thoughts on “Franklin Alderwoman and killjoy Kristen Wilhelm wants fewer fireworks

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