FPS never ceases to disappoint: Bus chaos on first days of school

The school district sent out an e-mail late this afternoon:

This is a message from Franklin Public Schools to let you know that your child’s afternoon bus route has been canceled for this Thursday and Friday due to a bus driver shortage. 

Late last evening, we were made aware by First Student, our transportation provider, that 18 Bus routes need a driver due to a shortage. We worked to fulfill 14 of the routes and appreciate the grace and teamwork of families as we ask for your assistance for the remaining 4 routes, one of which impacts your child. We have been working throughout the day to find alternate solutions including utilizing existing route drivers, finding new drivers, and renting other bus services. Unfortunately, First Student and Franklin Public Schools have exhausted all alternatives and we need to cancel your child’s afternoon route FP 79P for both Thursday 9/1 and Friday 9/2.  

We are working over the next few days to find a solution for next week.  If it is expected that the route(s) will be canceled longer, we will reach out to you. 

Of course it’s not the school district’s fault. They don’t make mistakes.

Let’s hear from FPS’ communications guru, Chad (I’m the greatest, just ask me) Kafka:

There was an error in the body of the email where the word “afternoon” was accidentally left in the copy of the email you received. There were various versions of bus communication that went out to different audiences. Sorry for the confusion. If your route has an A, it is an AM. If your route has a P it is a PM.

What a doink.

Needless to say parents are pissed. They’re now frustrated and scrambling wondering what the hell to do. A clueless school district doesn’t give a damn.

Let them hear it, parents!

Why don’t they just do the sensible thing and postpone this cockamamie staggered schedule and go back to school next Tuesday??!!

Because the key word is ‘sensible.’ That ain’t this school district.

4 thoughts on “FPS never ceases to disappoint: Bus chaos on first days of school

      • Really??? I still have a deep interest in the Milwaukee area, to include Franklin. I find your columns most interesting. Feel free to comment on Arizona politics, anytime. That’ll really get one grumpy. I also follow the news in Puerto Vallarta, Santa Fe NM and the Upper Peninsula. Very curious and well-read retiree. Some of us write, some read.


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