My Most Popular Blogs (08/29/22)

Here are my most popular blogs from last week, Sunday – Saturday:

1) Franklin lost its football season opener, and that’s OK

2) Today’s highly interesting (08/22/22): Good News: Parents Are Dropping Kids Out of Public School

3) Turns out Tim Michels isn’t Herb Kohl after all

4) Today’s highly interesting read (08/24/22): Race Matching and Other Crazy Theories Destroying Our Schools

5) When is that damn bridge project going to be finished?

6) Today’s highly interesting read (08/23/22): Fauci’s Biggest Crime

7) Today’s highly interesting read (08/25/22): If You Can’t Change Your School, Do These 5 Things Instead

8) Today’s highly interesting read (08/26/22): You Don’t Need a College Degree to Know Canceling Student Debt Is Wrong

9) Can the Milwaukee Milkmen catch the Chicago Dogs for 1st place? I say yes


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