Today’s highly interesting read (08/24/22): Race Matching and Other Crazy Theories Destroying Our Schools

A twin spin today. First, a new sex education curriculum will be taught in Wauwatosa schools. The Wauwatosa School Board voted 6-1 on Monday night, Aug. 22 to approve the new sex education curriculum – from kindergarten to high school. The person who voted no wasn’t against the curriculum, but wanted there to be an alternative. 

Wauwatosa’s new human growth and development curriculum will expect kindergartners to know these body part names: penis, vulva and anus. 

From  The Lion:

Parents opposed to an aggressive new sex education curriculum in Wisconsin suffered assaults on both their persons and their sensibilities from a hostile crowd supporting the change.

“Pure hatred. Pure, unbridled hatred,” says Scarlett Johnson, a Wisconsin county chair for grassroots group Moms for Liberty.

Seething hate would be an appropriate word,” concerned parent Paul Bruno told The Lion about the crowd supporting the Wauwatosa school board in its approval of an aggressive new sex education curriculum stretching down to kindergarten. It was approved 6-1 on Monday.

Johnson, among the contingent of opponents of the early-age sex ed curriculum, which includes lessons on gender fluidity and alternative sexual lifestyles, was actually physically struck by one supporter. She said she was grabbed from behind and slapped on her shoulders several times without provocation.

Read more here.

Which leads to today’s read from Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D, a former Lt. Governor of New York State. Here’s an excerpt:

As schools reopen, a war is raging to control the minds of students.

On one side, the nation’s largest teachers unions are pushing race consciousness, demonization of American history and graphic sex education, even in elementary school.

On the other side, irate parents are battling the indoctrinators. They’re insisting teachers stick to math, science, reading skills and what everyone can agree are the facts about history.

Read the entire column here.

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