Turns out Tim Michels isn’t Herb Kohl after all

You remember Herb Kohl.

I covered Kohl’s initial campaign for the US Senate when I worked at WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio. His pledge was mighty clear. No one could buy him and he’d be an independent voice (He went on to win and vote with Democrats 105% of the time).

GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels essentially has made the same boast. He’s so loaded with cash he doesn’t need large political donations and as such can’t be influenced.

But that was the past. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Dan Bice is reporting:

During the primary, Michels repeatedly emphasized that he was not accepting donations from any individual for more than $500.

His would be a largely self-funded campaign…”I’m not gonna owe anyone anything,” Michels told conservative talk show host Jay Weber on WISN-AM (1130) on April 25.

On the night of the Aug. 9 primary, Michels’ campaign manager, Patrick McNulty, put out a statement declaring victory. In the 11th paragraph, McNulty said the campaign will now begin accepting donations of up to $20,000 per person.

What’s going on here? It’s simple. Michels has flip-flopped. Not the first time.

But it’s more serious than that.

Michels, who to a large degree bought the GOP primary, misled voters, getting them to believe he’s above and beyond the evils of big money in politics.

Suddenly, he needs the money.

And in declaring he’ll take as big a check as you can or want to write out,  he has open himself to wide and legitimate criticism. Can’t blame the media for going after him. He and his campaign. They have now brought it on themselves.

Arguably even more serious than the money issue is one of trust. You told us one thing and campaigned on it during the primary and now you pull this?

I’d like one of the many individuals who chastised me for not gleefully sending Michels flowers and chocolate the morning after Election Day to explain how this revelation helps the cause.

The Evers’ crowd is laughing.

2 thoughts on “Turns out Tim Michels isn’t Herb Kohl after all

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