It’s called ‘indoctrination,’ not education

I received the following today from Ali Schweitzer, the administrator of the Facebook Page “No Left Turn in Education – Wisconsin.”

A School District of Waukesha Marching Band Teacher resigned last night to go and teach at Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District.

In the middle of the season. Because you know, these teachers are all about the kids.

In other news this same teacher is angry she cannot hang a gay-pride rainbow flag in the publicly funded classroom (provided by the taxpayers) and has demanded Chic Fil-a not be served to the students during camp. Because they are student friendly, hire within the communities they sell their extraordinary chicken sandwiches in, are God centered and family loving.

I’m sure there is no correlation and this is just a coincidence though, there is really nothing to see here.

2 thoughts on “It’s called ‘indoctrination,’ not education

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