Post-primary, Evers charges out of the gate, thanks to the people who wanted him recalled

Ever since last week’s gubernatorial primary, GOP winner Tim Michels is like his empty podium at one of the debates, having just about disappeared into virtual hibernation.

On Monday the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

Since winning the Republican gubernatorial primary on Aug. 9, Michels has made only one public appearance — at the Wisconsin State Fair.

When contacted Saturday and Sunday by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a Michels campaign adviser did not answer when asked if Michels himself was campaigning. 

And then came the ‘cover your ass’ spin:

Monday afternoon, the campaign issued a statement when asked about the candidate’s whereabouts.“Following a well fought primary, Tim has spent his time focusing on building the broadest and widest campaign for the general election by bringing people together, planning out strategies, and expanding staff,” said campaign adviser Chris Walker.

While Michels rests after defeating Rebecca Kleefisch who outworked him 10-1 in the primary Gov. Tony Evers has gone on a tear. Surely you’ve seen his flurry of ads.

And there will be there more. Lots more. And you can thank, in part, of all people, the folks who signed Evers’ recall petition.

Back in August of 2020 I blogged:

Orville Seymer wrote the book on recalls. He’s a well-informed expert on the subject, and he asks a legitimate and compelling question. I asked Seymer to submit a column on his thoughts about this recall effort.

There is a provision in state law that allows the target of a Recall to raise unlimited funds for the time of the Recall effort. You may remember that Gov. Walker took full advantage of this so expect Evers/Barnes to do the same.

ALSO in August of 2020 I blogged:

The Facebook Page Columbia Wisconsin Conservatives posted:

This page OPPOSES THE RECALL action of Tony Evers. Conservatives should consider the following reasons:

– Evers will have 60 days of UNLIMITED limits in fundraising. Dems from all over the country will come to his rescue with NO limits. Soros could literally write his campaign a $50 million check.

– Evers will immediately become a national figure for Dems.

– Evers will receive nationwide funding way beyond what any candidate opposing him will. Liberal PACs will back him with Millions of dollars.

January of 2021…

This tweet is from JR Ross of

@Tony4WI raised nearly $3.9M in 2020 and finished year with $3.4M in the bank, according to his latest campaign finance report. Of what he raised in ’20, $2.7M came from @WisDems. By comparison, @ScottWalker finished ’16 W/ $59,318 in the bank.

June of 2021…

Eric Brooks of Americans for Prosperity-WI notes:

“Once again, the Recall Evers effort essentially financed his re-election campaign.”

From WIPolitics:

“He (Evers) finished 2020 with $3.4 million in the bank after the state party transferred $2.7 million to his campaign last year.

So, to everyone who participated in the royally screwed up recall, thanks a lot.

The recall was total waste. Poorly organized, at the wrong time, with a totally inept recall leader.

One of the top cheerleaders for the Titanic-like recall was the poster child for political naivete, failed candidate Jonathan Wichmann.

Foolishly Wichmann came up with what the greener than green fellow thought was a master plan. Start an effort to persuade people to sign the recall, get enough signatures, than be the candidate when enough petitions roll in. And suddenly he’s bedding down in the Governor’s mansion.

Problem. The recall effort was a bigger bust than Dolly Parton. And Evers is now sitting on an even bigger chest.

And he’s starting to spend left and and right. Thanks Jonathan. Recall petition signers, you meant well. But you kinda messed up.

Meanwhile, Michels is reportedly incognito.

Not the way I’d campaign.

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