Tim Michels’ supporter offers phony thanks to Rebecca Kleefisch

Paris Procopis is a writer and hired gun for the once relevant WI Conservative Digest, founded by Bob Dohnal, who for decades did great work for the WI GOP, but has now run out of gas and influence.

When it comes to Procopis let me attempt to be diplomatic. I’ve been involved in politics in several forms since May of 1978. Do the math. That’s a long time, during which I believe I’ve developed a keen sense and ability to know if a writer is sharp, analytical, persuasive, insightful, honest, believable. I can honestly say Procopis ain’t it.

On Monday the Conservative Digest issued an e-mail that included an article by Procopis that read in part:

Let me begin by saying thank you to Rebecca Kleefisch for putting herself out there and working her tail off over the past couple of years. I am certain there is not an inch of road she did not touch on her journey. And, she raised a record amount of money for a non-incumbent statewide candidate. That’s impressive! Yes, I did not support her this year, but I can still respect and give credit for her hard work. While she did not prevail on Tuesday, I am certain she’s not going anywhere. I watched her concession speech the other night and she was quite sincere and graceful.

What an absolute crock.

Who does the clownish Procopis, who brags about his comedy improve experience, think he’s fooling?

For months and months and months during the primary campaign Procopis trashed Kleefisch and tore Gov. Scott Walker apart. Now that the primary is over he puts on this angelic façade and we’re supposed to buy it? I was born at night but not last night.

Procopis is the epitome of a phony. It’s why I strongly feel that if Kleefisch had won the primary Procopis, Dohnal, and the Michels’ crowd would never be urging Michels’ supporters to suddenly sing kumbaya with Rebecca and toss their hats into her ring.

One of the most frustrating developments of the primary as I watched the GOP gleefully go after one another’s throats was the ugly revisionist history of the Walker-Kleefisch administration and the complete vilification of the many great accomplishments of Scott and Rebecca. Procopis was among the ring leaders of the ridiculous assault.

Procopis and his puppet master Dohnal actually dared to rip Walker and Kleefisch’s ACT 10 that has saved WI taxpayers $15 billion.  How can anyone with a brain take this joker Procopis and his string puller Dohnal seriously?    

As of now I don’t think Michels can beat Evers.  Having political lightweights like Procopis and retirement-ready Dohnal in his corner doesn’t help his chances in my view.                                   

7 thoughts on “Tim Michels’ supporter offers phony thanks to Rebecca Kleefisch

  1. I’ve followed you throughout this election cycle. You did a great job spreading the word about Rebecca and where she stands on issues and what her strengths are. But I would call this hit of writing from a crock of bitter crap. Rebecca did work her tail off and Rebecca did raise a lot of money. I wish she would’ve prevailed in the primary. Let’s coalesce around the candidate that one and stop picking on supporters of other candidates. I’m disappointed in this crock of crap you wrote.


  2. Again, let’s quit the bickering and middle school griping…Let’s get behind Michels, I voted for Becky, but it’s time to move on…Michels 2022…


    • Middle-school griping? OK Tim. I think that’s twice in the past week you’ve insulted me, just because I’m not ready to canonize Michels.

      Apparently you have nothing to say about the substance of my blog and must be fine with a jerk like Procopis. If you don’t like my stuff then please just stop reading.


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