Today’s highly interesting read (08/07/22): Another Look at Same-Sex Marriage

On this Sunday today’s read is from blogger Larry Craig. Here’s an excerpt:

If people think gay marriage is a right, then Congress can make a law saying as much.

But the issue should really be called same-sex marriage and not gay marriage. Nobody cares or asks whether a person is gay before they get married. The issue is whether two people of the same sex can have a relationship that can and should be called a marriage.

Why is the definition of marriage even important? Who cares? What difference does it make?

A healthy society needs to reproduce at least enough people to maintain its population. When reproductive levels fall too low, societies shrink. They get older, and that places financial stress on that society, because it has to take care of the elderly with relatively fewer people to pay for it. With the advances of modern medicine, we have a vastly increasing senior population, and we have a shrinking pool of workers able to support them. Our society has been below replacement value for a long time now.

That was the main point of marriage — the creation of biological families. And, of course, marriage was encouraged prior to having any children.

Read the entire column here.

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