Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #54: More on public education


Substitute teachers. Rebecca believes bureaucrats in Madison should not be allowed to keep a stranglehold on substitutes with multi-month application and approval processes and multiple fees. Districts know their communities best. Any adult with a bachelor’s or associate degree who passes a comprehensive background check should be able to help out in a classroom once approved by their local district.

Youth athletics.  Rebecca supports protecting fair rules for competition and believes biological boys should not compete in girl’s sports.

School choice and charter schools. Rebecca says Wisconsin needs to expand the circle of charter authorizers to break the bottleneck that currently forces charters to depend on institutions pressured by anti-reform forces. We must continue creating more choices for parents, including supporting the best nonpublic schools in Milwaukee to expand their life-changing impact to more students. There should be a goal that no student is stuck on a waitlist or dependent on the luck of a lottery for a decent education. And we should have one uniform set of rules and requirements to qualify for educational choice regardless of zip code.

Special-needs students. Rebecca says the special needs scholarship begun by state government a few years ago was a good first step, but we need to grant these families maximum flexibility to pay for not only school but tutors, therapies, curriculum, and other special education supports. Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) are the best tools to give the greatest flexibility to families dealing with unique situations. Rebecca supports starting education savings accounts for special-needs students.


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