Week-ends (08/06/22)

A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of  This Just In…


My old friend Gerard Randall and all those who made this possible

Jessica Willett

Eric Holcomb

VA governor Youngkin

Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt

This middle schooler

Two WI golfers


Mary Daly

Anthony Fauci

And we could mention him every week…POTUS


“I looked at what type of experience this would be for our delegates and our nominee and Milwaukee just hit it on every single level. They were so ready and prepared for this type of event that they just wowed our whole committee. What the people in Milwaukee should know is we’re going to have staff on the ground. We’re going to be running office space. We’re going to be meeting with local vendors and we’re going to work hand in hand with the community to make sure that this is a bipartisan event used to showcase the wonderful community and the people of Milwaukee.”
Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after Republicans made it official that they’re coming to Milwaukee for their 2024 national convention

“I suspect what happened with Brittney Griner is she became massively entitled in this country — ‘I’m black, I’m a lesbian and I’m a leftist, so I’m a superior person and basically above the law.’ Then she discovered, to her astonishment, that other countries don’t see it that way!”
Dinesh D’Souza

“It’s a tough time in history. And Joe and I see that. I think that’s the reason he was elected. He’s steady, he’s strong, he has wisdom, he knows politics, and he knows where he wants to take the country. Sometimes it feels like we’re pushing this boulder up the hill, but progress is being made. … I wish people could see more of what Joe has accomplished and how hard he’s working.”
Jill Biden

“The Biden administration’s ‘victory lap’ on gas prices is truly bizarre. They claim families are ‘saving’ money, but according to their own logic, a family with 2 cars is spending over $185 more per month on gas than when Biden took office.”

Tommy Pigott

“People are experiencing this. This is not abstraction for those folks. When they pull up to the gas pump, the grocery store, they’re experiencing their own personal depression or recession, no matter what the numbers are.”
Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) said Democrats needed to stop arguing about whether the US economy was in recession and instead acknowledge Americans’ economic pain

“First, they say they won’t take your guns. Then they pass a bill to take your guns. Next, they say they’ll reduce inflation. Then they introduce a bill that will raise inflation. Finally, they promise they won’t raise taxes. And what are they doing? Raising taxes.”
Congressman Jim Jordan

“When the Supreme Court made this extreme decision to take away a constitutional right [abortion], it was an unconstitutional action by them.”
Karine Jean-Pierre

“Tell me you don’t understand what the Supreme Court does without saying you don’t understand what the Supreme Court does…”
Tim Young

“The FDA made a disturbing but not at all surprising announcement just a few days ago about children’s health. Now, if you haven’t heard about it or if you missed it, it’s because the mainstream media and the Biden-Harris administration have been completely silent on it. This warning that the FDA issued is basically saying that puberty blockers can cause serious health risks for our kids. Unfortunately, at almost the exact same time the FDA issued this warning, Biden-Harris administration officials were making public statements actively promoting the use of puberty blockers and irreversible surgeries for kids. Now let’s be clear: This administration is dangerously promoting child abuse.”
Democrat ex-Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

“Our nation will cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half by no later than 2030, and by no later than 2050 we will reach net zero emissions. Some say that is an ambitious goal. I say it is doable.”
Vice President Kamala Harris

“Some also say it would be suicide.”
David Harsanyi responding to Harris

“Heat waves pose a greater threat to people who don’t have air conditioning or who work in high-heat workplaces.”
Kamala Harris

“Here in Wisconsin and across the nation, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. However, survey data released today on World Lung Cancer Day by the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE initiative show that only 40% of Americans are concerned that they might get lung cancer. The data also show only about one in five people have talked to their doctor about their risk for the disease.”
The American Lung Association


An 80-year old woman who expressed extreme discomfort and fear about a male in the women’s shower area of a Washington state pool was permanently banned from using the facility. Read the details here.


Classroom violence against teachers and students is rising


Recession deniers



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