Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #50: The Granddaddy of them all, ACT 10


Gov. Scott Walker is surrounded by supporters as he signs Act 10 in the Governor’s conference room at the Wisconsin State Capitol Friday afternoon. March 12, 2011. (Photo: GARY PORTER/MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL)

Last October Rebecca discussed school board members who had to contend with parents angry over controversial curriculum and COVID policies.

“I would love for these folks to have gone through what Gov. Scott Walker and I went through during the recalls: The vuvuzelas and the drums, and the death threats, and the people who were showering inside the public restrooms, sleeping two-by-two in sleeping bags, banging on cars, threatening my children, spreading lies and intimidating us. Imagine if school board members felt something like that. Instead, all they feel is the pressure of their actual constituents asking them to do their job.”

In a column Kleefisch wrote four days before those comments, she spoke out clearly against violence targeting school board members.

“Let’s be clear: violence to achieve political ends in America is wrong,” she wrote. “I myself have faced the screams of protestors threatening violence when the Walker-Kleefisch Administration and the Republican Legislature passed our Act 10 reforms in 2011. I didn’t notice outrage from the Left then.”

Gov. Walker wrote in his book “Unintimidated.”:

So they threw everything they had at us. They mobilized some one hundred thousand protesters to take over the Wisconsin State capitol in a sit in that helped give birth to the Occupy movement. They transported agitators from Illinois, New York, Nevada, and other states; banged drums and blasted horns day and night; harassed and spit on lawmakers as they made their way through the capitol; and turned our historic rotunda into a theater of the absurd.

They picketed my home and those of Republican lawmakers, harassed our families at school and even at the grocery store, and shouted us down at county fairs and ceremonial events across Wisconsin—all in an effort to intimidate us.

Both Rebecca and Gov. Walker received death threats and were targeted for recall elections in 2012, which they won. And they got ACT 10 approved and signed into law. Rebecca has fought the battles and won the war.

Earlier this year Wisconsin marked the 11-year anniversary of ACT 10 that has saved the state billions


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