FHS Suspicious Individual on Monday

Dear Franklin Public Schools Families,

Please see this message from Annalee Bennin, FPS District Administrator, that shares details about a suspicious individual that was on campus at FHS late Monday.  Please continue to be diligent in paying attention to and reporting any suspicious activity. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Dear Franklin Public Schools Families, Staff, & Community Members,

On Monday, July 25th, at approximately 4:08 PM a man drove onto the Franklin High School campus and entered Franklin High School. To our knowledge, this individual is not connected to any summer programs that are taking place at FHS. A student who was at the high school reported that the man made inappropriate comments. This situation has been reported to the Franklin Police Department.

The man was driving a dark gray 4-door sedan Chevrolet Malibu. 

Our summer staff, including the Athletics & Activities and Community Education & Recreation Departments, have been made aware of this and all staff are working to ensure the safety of those attending our programming.  We share this information with you so you are aware and so you and your child can be more vigilant with recognizing suspicious activity in our community.  

We commend the student who reported suspicious behavior to the appropriate staff immediately.  We also thank the Franklin Police Department for their ongoing partnership and presence around our schools.  Please report any suspicious behavior to the Franklin Police Department at their main number: (414) 425-2522 

Thank you for continuing to help us keep our schools and community safe.


Annalee Bennin

FPS District Administrator

While I’m grateful for this information I have to wonder and question why it came to or family at NOON today, 20 hours after the fact.

As one of my readers says, “It takes them that long to tell us something that important but when some idiot kid pulls the fire alarm we are told within minutes????!!!!”

Sad but true.

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