Reasons I’m voting for Rebecca Kleefisch on August 9, #41: No sanctuary cities


The website The Economist describes sanctuary cities:

American cities, counties or states that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation by limiting cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Some decline to use city or state tax dollars to enforce federal immigration laws. Many prohibit local officials from asking people about their immigration status. Sanctuary policies can be mandated expressly by law or practiced unofficially.

Years ago the USA TODAY editorial board wrote that the more than 300 sanctuary cities across the country violate common sense:

Protecting a hard-working undocumented immigrant charged with a misdemeanor is one thing. Putting a long-term felon and serial illegal entrant on the street is the antithesis of ensuring public safety.That’s especially true when there is a more reasonable approach, one used, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, by many police departments under sanctuary laws. Officers pick up the phone to call immigration when they plan to release potentially dangerous immigrants wanted for deportation. Immigration comes to pick them up.

Rebecca favors a ban on sanctuary cities and says, “Wisconsin believes in the rule of law, and local police should not facilitate a catch-and-release policy for people breaking any law.”


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