Disagree with a liberal Milwaukee County supervisor and BOOM, out comes the race card

Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor found that out at this week’s meeting of the County Board’s Parks Committee.

I’ve spent the past couple of days watching the video of the meeting. Here’s the issue that sparked disagreement between Taylor and Supervisor Felesia Martin.

The Executive Director of the Milwaukee County Parks has requested authorization to enter into an agreement with the Milwaukee Parks Foundation, Inc. (Note it’s Milwaukee, not Milwaukee County) , to essentially outline roles and responsibilities of the two parties as to how donations, gifts or grants for the parks are handled.

The Milwaukee Parks Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation that solicits, holds, manages, invests and expends funds for the parks. It is separate from Milwaukee County government.

At Tuesday’s meeting during a presentation by the Foundation Supervisor Taylor who represents Franklin and Oak Creek questioned why the Foundation is titled “Milwaukee Parks Foundation” and not “Milwaukee County Parks Foundation.”

A representative told Taylor the foundation’s “focus” is on “high equity areas.”

“When I think of the amount of money (the southern suburbs) send to Milwaukee County in terms of tax dollars and what we get back in return is not equal, not even close to equal,” Taylor continued.

“You tell me the focus is (city of) Milwaukee. Once again, suburbs, not feeling the love,” as Taylor suggested he might have to develop his own equity index if that’s the concept being used to determine geographical funding.

Supervisor Martin spoke next and ripped Taylor, saying the city is not destitute and is not a leech on the county.

“People of color have always been at the bottom of the ladder…on education, housing economic systems,” said Martin.

Then came the race card.

“You want some equity?” she spoke directly to Taylor. “Dude, deal with 400 years of inequity in America.  Equity is yours all day long. It is not ours all day long.

“Check yourself and recalibrate yourself, the city is not a dearth on this county. Most of the financial stress is on our back. Utilize that thing that’s four inches above your neck, think about what you’re saying and how offensive it is,” Martin said while submitting that people who sit in “cushy suburbs” don’t have to deal the issues city residents face. “I’m going to keep on plugging along,” Taylor replied.

Excuse me, but Taylor said exactly what he was supposed to say. He’s doing what he was elected to do: Fight for his district. Anyone who criticizes him for that is just plain stupid.

Taylor also apologized twice to Martin if offended her, and that still wasn’t good enough as she later scolded Taylor again.

I’ve been in politics in some form or fashion since 1978. I think I can safely say that the race card lost its effectiveness a long time ago. It got old. It’s tiresome.

I watched and listened to the meeting. This “dude” submits Martin, in addition to playing the race card, was rude and condescending to Taylor who remained calm the entire meeting. Besides, there was nothing racial about Taylor’s comments. He was referring to allocation of funds and location of projects.

The committee voted unanimously to have the county enter into an agreement with the foundation. I’m told after the meeting Taylor and Martin were quite friendly and respectful to one another.

And again, this “dude” says, Supervisor Taylor, keep battling for our area.

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