Friday Night Forgotten Oldie: Minions

My daughter Kyla and her Irish dance friend Joey have been talking about the new Minions movie.

Looks crazy. But the soundtrack album is loaded with cover versions of great old pop songs.

One of them is “Goodbye to Love” by Phoebe Bridgers.

Kinda strange for a Minions movie, dontcha think?

I listened to Bridgers’ version. Bland at best. An absolute funeral dirge. Nothing beats the original.

In the 1940 movie “Rhythm On The River,” Bing Crosby played a songwriter trying to come up with a song called “Goodbye To Love.” The title was referred to a lot, but no song ever came about.

Richard Carpenter saw the movie, liked the title of the non-song, and decided to write a song for sister Karen to sing.

Fifty years ago today the song debuted on the Billboard chart, July 15, 1972, and peaked at #7.

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