Seriously, don’t underestimate what Franklin’s Umbrella Bar pulled off July 4th

They started dropping like flies early on July 4th. Wasn’t even lunch time.

Community A fireworks – canceled.

Community B fireworks – canceled.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even here in Franklin where officials and residents enjoy bragging that our city has the best fireworks we succumbed to the gloom and doom messages of the meteorologists and said forget it. Besides, we ain’t coming back at a later date. So take that you over-taxed citizens. And have a nice day.

Franklin blamed the weather (understandable, and a monsoon did pounce). And Franklin also argued (and I hate this excuse) that it took into consideration other municipalities bailed. That’s odd. I thought we didn’t want to be like Oak Creek, Greendale, Greenfield, and all the rest.

Over at Franklin’s biggest and best destination, Ballpark Commons, someone (Michael Zimmerman?) had an alternative idea. How about we stage our own fireworks show. We’ll do it at The Umbrella Bar.

Remember, unlike the Rhodes Scholars at City Hall the people at Ballpark Commons didn’t have months to prepare. They had no choice but to act quickly. Several years ago it took the Franklin Common Council two consecutive monthly meetings to decide when to hold Trick or Treat hours.

At 7:28 pm on July 4th the Umbrella Bar wrote on Facebook:

“No cancelled Fireworks for us, we will have our own tonight! Going off at dark!”

And Voila! (Video courtesy of Steve Taylor)

Naturally, people loved it. The word ‘amazing’ was tossed around along with many expressions of gratitude.

Look, it wasn’t the end of the world that our city fireworks got axed and we survived. However the cancellation was disappointing. Generally speaking Franklin plays the disappointing game well.

On July 4th Franklin took its ball and went home. Thankfully The Umbrella Bar folks got their hands on a new ball and came through.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, don’t underestimate what Franklin’s Umbrella Bar pulled off July 4th

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