Today’s highly interesting read (07/05/22): Why the Left is Not Stupid, BUT…

Today’s read is from Kevin McCullough, nationally syndicated radio host and columnist. Here’s an excerpt:

In America this minute leftists can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt. They are pushing an agenda that is evil. They are hellbent on accomplishing it and they are saying so publicly.

The late Charles Krauthammer was the person credited for the intriguing binary observation that “conservatives view the left as stupid,” but that “liberals view conservatives as evil.”

We see evidence of that second part constantly.

They claim pro-lifers hate women. They claim that parents who don’t want drag queens in their kids’ schools are bigots. And they especially despise people who are faithful to God, family, and nation.

Nope, there exists plenty of evidence that the second part of Krauthammer’s theory is true. 

Read the entire column here.

One thought on “Today’s highly interesting read (07/05/22): Why the Left is Not Stupid, BUT…

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